Ramesh Chaudhary

(Executive Sales & Marketing)
+977 9851210987

Ramesh Chaudhary is one of the co-founders of the Visit Kailash Treks. He grew up in Chitwan, the heart of Chitwan National Park, and became interested in birds and wildlife when he was working for a resort in Chitwan National Park. 

After working for ten years as a senior naturalist, Ramesh Chaudhary moved to Kathmandu and started leading pilgrimage tours to Mount Kailash, trekking holidays in the Himalayas, and wildlife safari tours in the national parks of Nepal. Ramesh Chaudhary is also the founder secretary and past president of Bird Education Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting birds and their habitats.

He is a well-respected and government-certified trip team leader and professional guide with good experience in leading pilgrimage tours and birdwatching holidays. His charming personality and helpful nature have helped him to become one of the best tour leaders in Nepal.

He takes care of sales and marketing department of the Visit Kailash Treks.

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