Rajendra Dhamala

(Chairman/Correspondence )
+977 9851210733

Rajendra Dhamala is one of the pioneer trekking leaders of Nepal. He was born in Dhading district, on the foothill of Ganesh Himal. He studied Bachelor's degree in English literature at TU and started his career as a trekking guide. He has been to almost every trekking destination in Nepal.

Rajendra Dhamala went to the United States to work as a cook and stayed there for four years until 2007. After returning to Nepal, he involved himself in the tourism industry again and served in various companies as a trekking leader to the senior correspondent officer. He received Trekking Guide Training from Hotel Management and Tourism Training Center (HMTTC) and also participated in various eco-tourism workshops.

To enhance his skills in food preparation and safety, he received training from the RMTC in Nepal and obtained the Serve Safe Certification Training from the United States. His experience in the US helps him to understand the hospitality industry from a different perspective.

Rajendra is known for his hard work, passion, and cheerful personality. He has dedicated himself to ensuring his clients an enjoyable trekking experience. He has participated in various workshops and seminars on eco-tourism.

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